Cremeux ex machina

Cremeux ex machina is our name. We love and believe in it. It might not make any sense in terms of Gelato, but it’s a mixing of the French word for creamy with Deus Ex Machina in Latin. Cremeux ties us to our culinary background and love for a well done pastry. Ex Machina comes from Alex’s love of reading. Call us Cremeux, Ex or whatever, but please know us as “that awesome Gelato place.”

Jenny: Growing up in Orange County, California, it’s a great place for beaches and the sun but not for realizing our desires. Before moving to the Bay Area, I studied at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. I learned how to make a French custard Ice Cream base (Crème Anglaise) and studied Gelato elsewhere. Alex and I agree that purity of taste is the most important factor in Gelato/Sorbetto. New York has some great Gelato places, but we also went to Italy to see the action. And it was seriously no joke. There was one place in Bolgona where the power went off. And it was snowing outside. No one cared. It was really a great moment to savor and not give a damn about anything else. So that’s how I see Gelato & Sorbetto, and I hope it’s realized with us too.Alex

Alex: I’m from Passaic, New Jersey. I can’t thank my birthplace enough for giving me a good perspective on life. But California has been calling me for some time. I worked at a company called Il Laboratorio del Gelato in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I learned a lot from my former boss Jon Synder. We cut so many fruits, toasted so many nuts, and churned gallons of frozen treats. A huge percentage of the fruits and nuts used were from California. Pistachios, figs, walnuts and peaches… You Californians know the drill. It had always been on my mind to try to do something on my own. Or at least fulfill my desires. And my desires are always to achieve purity in many of the things I do whether that’s through finesse or kicking a door down. I felt good making it, I seemed good at it and it came somewhat naturally. I concluded California was realistically the only place where a pure Gelato was possible.